Breaking The Cycle of Brokenness Blab Series

taught by Vanessa Canteberry

Course description

This series is based off the book to share stories of others who overcame their brokenness in hopes to help others to know they are not alone in their journey.

Vanessa  Canteberry
Vanessa Canteberry

Course Curriculum

Thriving When People Don't Understand with Dr. Aikyna Finch - Part 1
You are built to last with Tarsha Calhoun-Johnson Part 2
Lemonade Series with Adrienne Leon Part 3
Forgive your way to a better you with Keshay Blount Part 4
Giving Up on Myself with Chontrell Holt - Part 5
Unmaskingthe Truth and Hiding Behind My Pain with Nakia Evans - Part 6
Learning to love me with Britney Clark Part 7
Get to Know the Author of Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness with Dr. Aikyna Finch Part 8